A Successful Squadron Leadership School

The National Capital Wing hosted a Squadron Leadership School at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling on 22-23 February 2013.  Fifteen officers from the National Capital and Virginia Wings graduated from the course and are well on their way to completing Level II of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program.  Congratulations to the graduates!

The Arlington Composite Squadron had two students and three staff members in the program – thanks to all for your participation!

The 2013 National Capital Wing Squadron Leadership School class.

The 2013 National Capital Wing Squadron Leadership School class.

By Maj Aaron Newman Posted in Training

Arlington Composite Squadron IT Update for August 2012

This month, I’d like to address a new feature available to CAP members through eServices – the Learning Management System (LMS). This is a new learning platform that includes important training materials with more to follow. As the system matures, LMS will become an important professional development asset for both senior members and cadets.

There are several modules now available under LMS, but I’d like to highlight two that will be of interest to many squadron personnel: the Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) course and the Officer Basic Course (OBC).

ICUT replaces the Basic Communications User Training (BCUT) and Advanced Communications User Training (ACUT) with which many of us are familiar, and is now the required initial training for CAP members (both senior members and cadets) who wish to serve as communicators. ICUT includes several components, each of which has video instruction, review quizzes, and tests to demonstrate understanding. CAP members who have already completed ACUT only need to complete one section; others (including those who have completed BCUT) must complete three different sections and then perform a hands-on evaluation.

The OBC is a key component of Level II of the CAP Senior Member Professional Development program. Although the OBC has been available online for some time, members were only able to begin the training when slots became available. Now, eligible CAP members can begin the training when convenient. Through LMS, the OBC is taught in three blocks intended to expand the member’s knowledge of CAP and further infuse aspects of leadership and management. Completion of the OBC is one of the requirements for senior members to complete Level II and receive the Benjamin O. Davis Award.

To access either of these courses using the LMS, simply log in to your eServices account. Once logged in, look at the list of links that should be in a column on the left side of your screen. Following the links which are in alphabetical order, you should see one for “Learning Management System.” When you click on this link, you will find links to all courses available in LMS, including ICUT and the OBC. I have completed the first module of ICUT, and found that the system works smoothly. Of course, should you have any problems, please feel free to contact me and I will assist you.

Finally, as we are coming to the end of the summer and our cadets are gearing up for the coming school year, I’d like to put out a reminder about the CyberPatriot National High School Cyber Defense Competition. CAP squadrons are eligible to field teams for this year’s CyberPatriot V. The competition will expose cadets to important concepts in cybersecurity. Registration for the competition has been open for some time, but the first practice round will begin in early October, so time is growing short if we intend to form a team. We will need a cadre of at least five cadets (at least 13 years old, and in grades 9-12 as of September 2012) to participate. All participants will be required to attend training, practice, and competition sessions, many of which will be outside our normal squadron meetings. I believe that the experience will be well worth the investment of time, but I understand that our cadets have many different commitments during the school year. More information can be found online at http://www.uscyberpatriot.org and I am available to answer any questions about the program. Please let your cadet leadership know if you are interested in forming a team. The squadron will make a final go-no go decision shortly after the Labor Day holiday.

As always, please contact me with any questions on this month’s update, or on any CAP IT-related matter.

Arlington Squadron participates in SAREX

Today, several members of the Arlington Composite Squadron participated in a search and rescue exercise (SAREX) from our mission base at Davison Army Airfield.  Here’s one of our Cessna 182 aircraft as we preflighted early this morning.  (Our Cessna 172 is at left in the background.)