Arlington Composite Squadron celebrates the Civil Air Patrol 75th Anniversary

(the oldest and youngest squadron member open the CAP cookies)

The Civil Air Patrol celebrated its 75th anniversary last Thursday, Dec 1st since being formally established by Administrative Order 9 in 1941. This year has seen many events celebrating three quarters of a century of dedicated CAP volunteer service to this nation and its defense, but it wasn’t until the day itself (or the Wednesday before) that the magnitude of the history hit our home squadron DC-026 in Arlington, VA.

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled squadron activities we spent the meeting celebrating our proud service by making merry with our friends and fellow members. Our squadron commander, Maj Newman, delivered a short exposition on the history of CAP, its contributions to the nation, and its continued growth. All in all, we are proud of the organization we are a part of and look forward to continuing to serve and watching it grow in the future.

Today, a week later, we remember the “day which will live in infamy.” Just six days after Civil Air Patrol was formed, the naval base in Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese fighter aircraft. An active, available coastal patrol had never been so important. The members of Civil Air Patrol served their country to the best of their abilities in the midst of the second World War and continue to serve today in a changing world.

“Semper Vigilans”

by C/1st Lt L. Lennon

Arlington cadets learn character development


Chaplin Strickland begins the character development discussion with the Arlington Composite Squadron Cadets. 

The Civil Air Patrol Character Development Program is a non-sectarian curriculum presented by the Chaplin Corps and used in the CAP Cadet Program to help cadets grasp the relevance of morals and ethics in all aspects of their public and private life. It seeks to develop the skill of examining their present values and decision making processes. Values addressed in the curriculum are based upon the historic, universal values commonly recognized by ethical philosophers, and religious traditions throughout the centuries.

Arlington Composite Squadron Receives 2015-2016 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award

QCUA 2016 LogoFor the fifth consecutive year, the Arlington Composite Squadron has received the CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award (QCUA).  This award acknowledges our squadron’s cadet participation, growth, and advancement over the past year.  The 2015-2016 QCUA reflects great credit upon all the members of our squadron:  the cadets who live the program every day, the senior members helping to administer the cadet program, and all of our members who interact with, guide, and learn from our cadets on a regular basis.  We also acknowledge and congratulate the other units receiving the QCUA, both in and out of the National Capital Wing.

Arlington cadets participate in CAP to Air Force presentation

CAP presents painting to SECAF

CAP presents painting to SECAF

U.S. Air Force Gen. David L. Goldfein (left), Air Force Chief of Staff, and Deborah James, Secretary of the Air Force, applaud after being presented Rick Broome’s air intercept painting, “Total Force Partners.” At right is Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez, CAP national commander, who made the presentation. Assisting from Arlington Squadron are Cadets O. Colgrove and D. Colgrove.

The full article can be read here:

Arlington cadets learn team leadership

Arlington Composite Squadron cadets participated in a team building exercise called “A Star is born.” (Learning to Lead Activities Book: Team Leadership Problem #3) The objective: use a roll of toilet paper to form a circle of cadets and then make a 5-sided star design without tearing the paper. Additionally, cadets could only speak once during the exercise. Cadets in all grades learned valuable lessons on teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Arlington Squadron Participates in Wreaths Across America

Congratulations to our cadets and senior members who participated in this past Saturday’s Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery.  Our 11 participating squadron members were part of more than 250 Civil Air Patrol personnel who supported the event.  More than 230,000 wreaths were placed on the graves that day.

Arlington Squadron seniors and cadets at the CAP Command Post for Wreaths Across America

Arlington Squadron seniors and cadets at the CAP Command Post for Wreaths Across America.

Would you like to participate in great events like this, serving our community in a fun, supportive environment?  Come join us at a squadron meeting and find out more!

Once Again, Arlington is a Quality Cadet Unit

The Arlington Composite Squadron is once again proud to announce that it has been named a Quality Cadet Unit for 2013-2014.  We are among 299 units to receive this recognition this year, including 50 from the Middle East Region.  We also congratulate our sister squadrons in the National Capital Wing who received this award:  the Andrews Composite Squadron, the Mount Vernon Composite Squadron, the Fairfax Composite Squadron, and the Challenger I Cadet Squadron.  Great job!

Come visit us at a squadron meeting and learn about what it takes to be a Quality Cadet Unit!



Arlington Squadron Cadet Solos

Congratulations to our own C/MSgt Miguel Saunders, who on Saturday, 11 October 2014 had the opportunity to fly solo for the first time since Flight Academy last summer!  Also soloing was C/Capt Thomas Murphy from the Mount Vernon Composite Squadron.  Orientation flights are an exciting part of cadet programs in the Civil Air Patrol, and some of our cadets go on to solo and get their private pilot licenses.  Come join us for a squadron meeting and find out more!


Lt Col Peter Hantelman (c) stands with C/MSgt Miguel Saunders (l) and C/Capt Thomas Murphy after the two cadets successfully soloed at Stafford Regional Airport, Virginia.

Lt Col Peter Hantelman (c) stands with C/MSgt Miguel Saunders (l) and C/Capt Thomas Murphy after the two cadets successfully soloed at Stafford Regional Airport, Virginia.

Color Guard Kicks off the Wreaths Across America Gala

The National Capital Wing Color Guard, with cadets from Arlington Composite Squadron, had the honor of presenting the colors at the 2nd Annual Wreaths Across America gala on September 9, 2014.  According to the Wreaths Across America website:

“Wreaths Across America holds a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington every year during the holiday season. This year’s ceremony will take place December 13, dubbed Wreaths Across America Day. Since the inception of the WAA initiative, the movement has spread across the country, and additional ceremonies are held at other cemeteries throughout America.”
Congratulations to Wreaths Across America on a great event and thank you for including us!  Pictures from the event appear below.
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