Our cadets are at the National Cadet Competition

This weekend, we salute the combined team of Arlington and Challenger 1 Squadrons who are in Dayton, Ohio for the 2018 National Cadet Competition representing the National Capital Wing and the Middle East Region.  We are extremely proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck.  Go Team Charlington!


Cadets from Arlington and Challenger 1 Squadrons (with their Senior Member coaches) take a break from one of their final practices before heading to the 2018 National Cadet Competition.

Arlington-Challenger (Charlington) Cadet Competition team headed to Nationals!

Charlington Cadet Competition Team MER

(Team photo from competition courtesy of Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron)

April 15 news was received from Ft Pickett that the combined Arlington Composite Squadron-Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron (Charlington) Cadet Competition Team had placed 2nd at the Middle East Region Cadet Competition! The team is headed on to participate at the National Competition in Dayton, Ohio June 28 – July 3.

Inclimate weather policy reminder

Arlington Squadron –

With the current temperatures and the possibility of precipitation, this is a good time to remind everyone of our inclement weather policies.

1. If the Arlington County Public Schools are closed, our meeting will be cancelled on that day (as we have nowhere to meet). County announcements can be found online at https://www.apsva.us/emergency-alerts/

2. If schools are open, but close early, and/or if evening activities are cancelled, our meeting must also be cancelled. Announcements to that effect can be found at the web address.

Should either of the above occur, or should the squadron leadership determine that it is not safe to conduct our squadron meeting due to weather, we will announce cancellations via email and also to our squadron website.

We always want maximum participation at all of our squadron meetings and events, but safety must always come first. If you (or your parent) do not feel it is safe to come to a meeting due to the weather, then you should not come. In that event, please inform Maj Newman, Lt Col Sadauskas, and/or your cadet leadership that you will not be there so we don’t have to come find you.

We expect our members (cadets in particular) to wear the appropriate uniform of the day for our meetings and events. In the case of Air Force-style uniforms (1550 blues, BDUs/ABUs, etc.) there are CAP rules (see CAPM 39-1) about specific outerwear. Often, our members do not have that outerwear. For squadron events, if you do not have the specific outerwear for the Air Force-style uniform, IT IS ACCEPTABLE to wear civilian outerwear (coats, gloves, hats) over that uniform. That is technically a violation of CAP regulations, but again your safety comes first. (Once indoors, the civilian outerwear should be removed.)

If you have any questions, please let Maj Newman know.

National Capital Wing Color Guard Leads Off Today’s Nationals Game

Congratulations to the National Capital Wing Color Guard!  With cadets from both Arlington Composite Squadron and Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron, the National Capital Wing Color Guard presented the colors to kick off this afternoon’s Major League Baseball game between the Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park in Washington, DC.  Great job!

The National Capital Wing Color Guard presents the colors at Nationals Park on 30 August 2017.

Arlington cadets participate in Demand Drug Reduction impairment goggles flying activity

drunk google flying simulator

On 15 March 2017, 1st Lt Hector Bird led a joint DDR-Aerospace Education activity focusing on the impact of alcohol and other drugs on activities such as flying. He led a class discussion about alcohol’s impact on the body and the potential consequences for pilots. He then supervised the cadets as they attempted to fly a Red Bull race course using Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but while wearing “drunk goggles.” Each cadet had a co-pilot who was helping to give directions to counter the effect of the goggles. There were many simulated crashes throughout the evening. The cadets learned an important lesson on the effect of alcohol and other drugs on perception and dexterity, specifically applied to flying activities. Also assisting in the activity where 2d Lt James Blacker and 2d Lt Harrison Miller.