Meeting Agendas

Our meetings follow a regular schedule of activities each month, as follows:

  • 1st Wednesday – All Members – Safety; Promotion Boards / Drill (Uniform is blues) –
  • 2nd Wednesday – Cadets and Cadet Program Staff – Physical Training; Character Development (Uniform is PT gear)
  • 3rd Wednesday – All Members – Drug Demand Reduction; Testing; Drill; Aerospace Education (Uniform is BDUs)
  • 4th Wednesday – Cadets and Cadet Program Staff – Emergency Services (Uniform is BDUs)
  • 5th Wednesday (if applicable) – Sports event or other activity to be determined (Uniform is PT gear or casual)

Unless otherwise stated, senior members are authorized to wear the CAP polo/slacks combination for all squadron meetings.  Senior members are always welcome to attend cadet meetings.

Our normal Monthly Schedule can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file.