Arlington Composite Squadron IT Update for June 2013

The first order of business is to remind our members that there will be NO SQUADRON MEETING NEXT WEDNESDAY, 3 JULY.  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 10 July.  We wish all of our members and their families an enjoyable and safe Independence Day.

Speaking of safety, I’d like to take a moment to remind our members how to use eServices to remain safety current, particularly when you are unable to attend a scheduled safety briefing.  Even if you are not able to regularly attend squadron meetings, we strongly recommend that you maintain your currency.  As you know, members cannot participate in any CAP activity without being safety current.  In addition, the online safety briefings provide safety tips and techniques that are useful both inside and outside CAP.

Once you log in to eServices, click on the link for “Safety Management System (SMS)” under CAP Utilities on the left-hand column of the window.  Then, click on the “Online Safety Education” button in the middle of the window (or the equivalent link on the left-hand side).

The next screen provides links to multiple safety lessons, any of which when completed will ensure your safety currency until the last day of the following month.  The risk management courses are recommended for all members – our safety officer provided an overview during May’s safety briefing.  In addition, there are links to several elective monthly education courses.  If you’ve already taken all of those courses, you can retake them as a refresher, and still receive safety credit.

If you take online or in-person courses through FAA or AOPA as part of the WINGS program, you can receive CAP safety credit, as well.  When you register for WINGS, you can provide your CAPID number.  Any courses you complete will automatically become part of your CAP safety record.  You can see that safety record as the bottom of the Online Safety Education screen, under “Safety Education Training Records.”

I’d also like to remind you that I remain interested in recruiting an Assistant IT Officer for the squadron.  Please contact me for more information if you are interested.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any CAP-related IT issue and I’ll do my best to help.