Arlington Composite Squadron IT Update for July 2012

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I know there have been a lot of both CAP and non-CAP activities going on, and many of us will try to squeeze some vacation time in there before we get to Labor Day and getting back to the fall routine.

In this note, I want to pass along a tip to make eServices a bit more accessible from your mobile device. In the recent eServices upgrade, one of the improvements was to make the web site more legible and usable on mobile devices. Of course, I’ve been asking the time-honored question “Is there an app for that?” Unfortunately, at least at this point, the answer is no. However, it is possible to create a shortcut that appears on the home screen of your iOS or Android mobile device to give the look and feel of an app and reduce the amount of typing you have to do to reach the site. Here’s how:

For iOS (works for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad):

  • In Safari, type in the eServices URL (
  • Once the site loads, you should see the regular sign in screen asking for your CAPID and password. You don’t need to login right now.
  • On the bottom of the screen, you should see a box that looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing to the right. If you touch that box, a pop-up will appear with multiple choices.
  • Choose “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Now a new screen will appear that lets you choose the title for this new shortcut.
  • Once you touch the “Add” button, the new icon will appear on your home screen and you can simply launch it like you would any other app.
  • Enjoy!

For Android, things might vary a bit depending on what version and what browser you are using, but the following directions should work for most cases:

  • Again, in the browser, type in the eServices URL (
  • Create a new bookmark for the site (Menu – Add Bookmark – Done)
  • Open Bookmark Manager (Menu – Bookmarks)
  • Long press the bookmark you just added for the eServices site
  • From the popup menu, select Add Shortcut to Home.

If you try this and you have any problems (or any other CAP-related IT issues), please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you through it.