Coast Guard Orientation Flight for Arlington Composite Squadron

On December 20, 2011, cadets and senior members of the Arlington Composite Squadron had the opportunity to participate in an orientation flight aboard a United States Coast Guard C-37 aircraft.   This Gulfstream V jet is used to transport the Commandant of the Coast Guard and other United States Government officials.

Squadron Post-Flight Photo

Arlington Composite Squadron members stop for a photo opportunity after a successful flight about a Coast Guard C-37.

We took off from Reagan National Airport (also known as Coast Guard Air Station Washington) and flew to Wilmington, North Carolina, where we executed several touch-and-go landings before returning to Washington.  Cadets got a quick look at the cockpit, and had many questions which were graciously answered by the flight crew.  They also had the opportunity to watch some Comedy Central via satellite while relaxing during the flight home.

We are enormously grateful to our Coast Guard hosts for the opportunity.  Semper Paratus!

One of our cadets put together a YouTube video of the experience.

Please also see the gallery below for additional pictures from the evening.