Arlington Composite Squadron IT Update

Arlington Composite Squadron Senior Members, Cadets, and Parents –

I wanted to take a moment to provide a couple of Information Technology updates for the squadron. First of all, I am pleased to announce that our squadron website is active again. It is a work in progress, but it is functional. You can access it at (It’s not a very catchy URL, I’ll admit, but we may get a custom domain for the squadron in the future.) At this point, the website contains very basic information about the squadron, where we meet, and recent news items. So far, the news items have all been chosen by me.

This is your website. It should be both an informational and a recruiting tool, and it should be something that we as members of the squadron access frequently and contribute to regularly. So, I invite you to take a look at the website and provide any feedback. I’d like to know what things you’d like to see that aren’t there today, and I’d like to know if anything on the site doesn’t work for you or is counter-intuitive in any way. You can provide feedback to me directly via e-mail or feel free to speak with me at a squadron meeting. Cadets can also provide feedback through their element leaders. I am also open to any CAP-related news items you’d like to include in our feed.

I’d also like to revisit my IT security note from last month regarding the use of the JROTC computers at the Arlington Career Center. I have noticed recently that some of the workstations are locked and inaccessible, and that sometimes some of the JROTC cadets leave documents open and unsaved. These are not ideal situations to be sure, but we are guests in their facility, so we will do the best that we can. Therefore, a few suggestions:

1. If you wish to use a workstation that is locked, please first try to find another open workstation. If none is available, you may reboot the machine (click on the red power button on the lower right of the computer screen and select the reboot option). Once the machine reboots, it should log in and be available for your use.

2. If you see open documents on the computer, please do not close them. (Of course, if you determine that the documents belong to another squadron member, you can ask that person to dispose of the document as appropriate.) I have even seen some college application essays left unsaved on one of the computers, and I would hate for that student to lose his/her work. By all means, open up another window and do what you need to do, but please do not close or delete those open documents.

3. We still need to be security-focused and good stewards of this equipment, so please remember that when you have finished using a workstation, you should close all of your work, to include clearing the browser history as discussed in my previous note.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about this update or any IT matters for the squadron.